Reza Investment Group


Our business model is based on our ability to grow profits for our clients through maximizing the value of their properties upon disposition and by uncovering exceptional acquisition opportunities. With the unique advantage of a singular focus on retail, and a proven business model, we have the nimbleness and foresight to proactively stay ahead of this dynamic investment market.

Our multibillion dollar transaction track record and our extensive list of high profile clients are testaments to REZA Investment Group's abilities and experience in maximizing value through facilitating the dispositions and acquisitions of retail investment opportunities.

To view a complete list of our retail investment opportunities, please log on to REZAnet.

"I’ve done business with Reza and his team of wonderful professionals for years. He values long term relationships and appreciates our bottom line way of doing business. Working with Reza takes away a big part of the worry in a deal. He is a gentleman and a pleasure to deal with."

Max Webb
Shapell & Webb, LLC